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Official Launch of the Exrates Exchange 18 Apr 2016

Hello, dear participants of the community! We inform you about the launch of new cryptocurrency exchange :!

Exrates was developed over 4 months and its creation took into account all the errors and omissions of third-party services, so as not to repeat their sad experiences. So the best experience of our colleagues, users of the recommendations and, of course, our personal experience to the service turned out to be the most complete, high-quality, reliable, safe and convenient for everyone!

Our advantages:

– Low commissions for deposit / withdrawal of funds;

– Ability to use exchange-traded instruments.

– Maximum security

In developing the project, and provided corrected potential errors that could harm the security of preserved data, user information, access to the accounts of users (two-factor authentication), safety I / O and one of the main, security and storage cryptocurrency fiat money, including considered and resolved the problem of the elasticity of the transaction (transaction malleability);

– Easy usability:

Usability has been developed as an optimization and involving experienced users exchange systems, and with the participation of people who had no experience with the treatment of similar services.

As a result, it developed the optimal concept, which at the moment is constantly being improved and will be supplemented as far as getting new experiences;

– Quality service: mobile, fast customer support and feedback:

Ease of use of our site by the user is a priority goal for us. We appreciate your time and offer several options for feedback. Our specialists will be able to help as quickly as possible and to answer your questions as they arise. Every day, weekends and holidays;

– Bitcoin, EDRC, Litecoin, EUR, USD, RUR:

Exchange provides the ability to exchange not only EDRCoin, but also two other typical cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Litecoin. Exchange also enables I / O of fiat money (hryvnia, dollars and euros) and exchanging them for cryptocurrency between users;

– Continuous development and feedback, Take account of your needs:

We do not intend to rest on our laurels functionality of our service. In the nearest plans is a stable expansion and the introduction of new currency pairs (cryptocurrency), expansion of exchange instruments, optimizing usability and otherwise. We really appreciate your opinion on each of these issues: if you want to give us advice, leave a recommendation, or just express an opinion about our work, and will be happy to examine your own review;

– Guarantee the safety of funds:

In addition to the maximum protection with the technical side of the crack and the possible error code cryptocurrency, we, together with our experienced partners – payment systems, developed a broad-based, distributed system for the safety of the users of funds, where the funds are protected from theft by a third party;

The official launch of Exrates Exchange took place on 05.04.2016