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Creation of the sale order 21 Apr 2016

In order to create the sale order, choose the desired currency pair.


After choosing a currency pair, we proceed to the creation of a sale order. On the main page, select the <Sell> column, and create an order.
Enter the amount of the currency you are selling. The amount can not exceed the amount of free funds at the time of the creation of the order. At once you can see the percentage of the commission charged for this operation.
After you have filled out all the necessary lines, click the “Sell” button.
Number of EDR – the number of coins you want to sell
The price for EDR is the price in BTC per 1 EDR
Total – the price in BTC for the total amount of EDR you want to sell
Commission – commission fee per transaction in BTC
Total with the commission – total amount of sale of EDR in view of the commission

Sale order will be displayed in the common list in the left column.

You can also track your orders in the main upper menu, clicking on the “Orders” button