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Stop-limit order 31 May 2017

A stop-limit order is an order to place a normal purchase or sale order (also known as a “pending order”) when the highest price (purchase orders) or the lowest price (sale orders) reaches a certain price value, called ” Stop “. Using such orders can help protect profits or minimize losses.
To open (create) a stop-limit order, first select the currency pair you are interested in.




On the main page of the stock exchange, select the STOP-LIMIT form.
In the <Amount> field, enter the amount of the currency you want to buy or sell. The amount can not be more than the amount of free funds at the time of the creation of the order.
In the <Stop> field, put the value of the “trigger price”.
In the <Limit> field, enter the price to buy or sell currency. As soon as your stop-limit order is triggered when the highest price or the lowest price of the specified “stop” value is reached, a buy or sell order will be placed at the price specified in this field.
In the field <Total> the amount of this order is calculated.




After filling all the fields, click the button <Buy> or <Sell>, depending on the type of operation you want to perform. A confirmation window will appear with all the details of the order, in which you need to press the <New> button to create an order or <Cancel> to cancel it.




If you place a stop-limit order for sale, if the highest price falls to the specified value of stop or below it, the usual pending order for sale will be displayed. If you place a stop-limit order for a purchase, if the lowest price is raised to the specified stop or above, a normal pending order for the purchase will be displayed.




To view your Stop-limit orders, you can select the “Orders” tab in the top menu. Here you can delete them if needed.