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Buy / Sell Order

  1. Menu “Trade”. Here users can see graph of trades, creating buy/sell orders and accepting other user’s orders.
  2. In order to sell or buy users have to choose currency pair in tab “Market”. Or also users can use search option.

Scroll down on the website and user will see three tabs over there:

  1. Trading. It is tab where user can create buy/sell order.
  2. Order book. It is tab where user can see all orders(trades) on chosen currency pair.
  3. Trade history. Here user can take a look on all orders(trades) which one already been accepted.

In order to create an buy/sell order of the certain coin. In tab “Trading” in the first field user has to input amount of coins which he want to sell or buy and in second one he has to input price for one coin. Further the third field will automatically calculate the whole money which he will get after other user accept his order.

Confirm by clicking “Sell/Buy” and order will appear in “Order book”.

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