Chat types at Exrates

At there are two types of chats:
1) Global exchange chat which is a chat for the communication between the community members, which is divided into several smaller chats, where you can choose a convenient language for you;
2) We also have a live chat support which works 24/7 here at Exrates.

Chat rules

  1. It is forbidden to use profanity, insult other users or the administration of the site. Punishment: perpetual ban in chat;

  2. It is forbidden to threaten other users of the exchange and the site administration. Punishment: perpetual ban chat;

  3. It is forbidden to speak in order to incite ethnic hatred, to promote violence in any form;

  4. It is forbidden to provide false or misleading information about the exchange;

  5. It is forbidden to publish messages using only capital letters;

  6. It is forbidden to insult the religious feelings of other Users;

  7. It is forbidden to spam with identical messages. Punishment: temporary chat ban;

  8. It is forbidden to post links to third-party resources / sites in the chat. Punishment: lifetime account ban;

  9. It is forbidden to place in the chat ads of any kind. Punishment: lifetime account ban.

Why am I not able to write in the Global chat?

If you cannot write in the global chat, you may have violated one of the chat rules. If you did not violate the rules, please contact the Exrates support chat or email support [email protected]

Why can't I write to the Exrates Support Chat?

If you cannot write to the Exrates support chat, it means that you've used profanity, insulted the support employee and did not respond to the comments. The ban in the support chat is set forever and can not be removed.

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