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The policy of cryptoassets delisting on Exrates

Our digital asset trading platform maintains high standards in developing of reliable trading environment. With our loyal listing policy, we are adding dozens of new coins/tokens each year.

On a regular basis, we monitor bidding activity and check compliance of projects with established quality standards. In case of identification of tokens/coins non-compliant with the listing parameters, we are considering their deletion as per the approved rules.

Reasons for delisting

Assets are showing one or more of the following indicative attributes to be excluded from the trading process:

  1. Project-based:
    1. Disbandment or changes of the project team members.
    2. Withdrawal or reorganization of the project, changes in ownership, the business model or other product characteristics with no prior notice addressed to the stock exchange.
    3. Lack of access to the site, inactivity in social media, inaccuracy and malicious misrepresentation of information.
  2. Legal-based:
    1. The SEC or other judicial authorities or regulators have sanctioned the project.
    2. Non-ethical behavior, threat or damage to the reputation caused by the project for the exchange and its users.
    3. Any signs of fraud, Ponzi scheme, money laundering, funding of terrorism, and market manipulation are detected.
  3. Technical-based:
    1. Forks and hidden emissions with no prior notice.
    2. A long-term interruption of I/O as a result of technical problems and infringements.
    3. The project is discontinued by the Roadmap, no code updates available on GitHub and no official application within 30 days.
  4. Vulnerabilities:
    1. There are security problems, accidental or intentional errors in the smart contract code.
    2. A high probability of a “51% attack”, stealing of coins by hackers.
  5. Exchange-based:
    1. The spread is higher than 10%.
    2. Low monthly trading volume (less than 15 BTC for Waves- and ETH-tokens and 30000 USD for cryptocurrencies with their own blockchain).
    3. A low monthly turnover for each currency pair (less than $30,000).
    4. The number of token/coin holders on our exchange is less than a hundred.

Stages of coin/token withdrawal

  1. Identification of coins/tokens with indicative attributes.
  2. Issuing a preliminary written notice to officials of the project on abnormalities/ suspicious activities.
  3. Communications with officials. Discussions on the situation. Final decision-making.
  4. Whenever official personnel of the project refuses/ignores or attempts to avoid solving issues, the exchange will notify holders of this asset about the forthcoming delisting procedure.
  5. Withdrawal of a coin/token/currency pair out of the list of the traded ones.
  6. The output of the asset to external wallets of coin/token holders (if delisted) 
  7. Withdrawal of a coin/token/currency pair out of the trading list.

Regular audits to be provided for all coins/tokens as well as for projects to verify compliance with approved requirements and to eliminate the risk of non-liquid assets being acquired by users.

Activity minimum coins parameters

  1. To the project:
    1. Open and transparent. Team commitment to the project. Continuous social activity. An ethical attitude to both the exchange and users.
    2. Technical consistency. Perfect network performance, as well as smart contracts. There are no both accounting and transactional issues.
    3. Progress. Fast development under the Roadmap. 
    4. Fast response. Well-developed and timely responses to our requests.
  2. To the exchange trading:
    1. The threshold trading volume. Within the control period (2 months from the date of listing), a minimum of $30,000 is required for projects with their own blockchain. For tokens based on Waves and ETH - not less than 15 BTC.
    2. Holder counts. More than 100 active users of cryptocurrency should be registered as traders on the exchange.
    3. The optimal spread. Should be no more than 10% of the price.
    4. Currency pair turnover. Coins/tokens should be traded for at least $30,000 per month for each currency pair.

This list of requirements is not complete. The exchange keeps the right to reconsider and amend it to meet its priorities and to adapt it to the changing market conditions.

This Policy applies to all cryptocurrencies presented at Exrates. You can contact our team and withdrawal your coin/token from the listing if you have any objections.

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The policy of cryptoassets delisting on Exrates
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