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FST is now available on Exrates!

Everyone who deals or work with cryptocurrencies knows the main problem:

• To get the best price for your cryptocurrency, either blindly trust your broker, or you make the effort and create dozens accounts on many exchanges

• In most cases, transfer between accounts is necessary to get the best price. Such transfers also costs extra money

New project 1irstcoin solves the entire problem using their own algorithm. By connecting and implementing the order books of the leading crypto exchanges, the customer of 1irstcoin always receives the best price for their cryptocurrencies with just one account. Guaranteed, in nano seconds, their algorithm scans the market and always offers the best deal. The fees are on average very low at 0.825% of the transaction volume for this service. Owners of at least 1000 1irst, FST, tokens, receive a 50% discount on all fees. Visit 1istcoin website and open the account in 1 click.

The token itself is secured and backed by the value of the company. The FST token will be available promptly from leading crypto currency exchanges according to CMC ranking. For this purpose, a cooperation with Star Exchange Alliance was entered in April 2019. And on the 2nd of May FST coin was listed on two TOP-40 exchanges - Exrates and p2pb2b

Moreover, all profits of 1irstcoin LLC are distributed to the owners of the FST token once a year. You can buy and trade FST on Exrates and p2pb2b

Don’t wait till the end of the year, get your profit now!  FST/BTC trading pair is already available. 

With 1irstcoin we want to close a gap in the crypto currency market. There are already many stock exchanges that are doing a good job, but there is no place that unites these good jobs. That's why 1irstcoin looks a bit like Google for the crypto industry. On top of that, 1irstcoin gives their clients a clear arbitrage advantage, which otherwise was reserved only for professionals. Whether as a customer of 1irstcoin’ crypto currency exchange, or as the owner of FST token, you are setting the future.

Nobody will doubt that sooner or later cash and the associated fiat currencies will disappear

from the planet. Just like the dinosaurs, only faster. The blockchain makes everything more transparent, safer and faster and 1irstcoin is a part of it.

Join 1irstcoin community now:

Website: https://1irstcoin.com/

News: https://1irstcoin.com/news/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1irstcoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1irstcoin.de/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/m1irstcoin

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/mycoinexchange

Medium: https://medium.com/@1irstcoin

Github: https://github.com/1irstcoin

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FST is now available on Exrates!
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