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How to make Free coin distribution

“Give away free coins” - This function is allowed only to VIP users.


It’s allow you as a VIP user, create a free distribution of coins for all users.

The first step is set your distribution:

  1. Choose currency (BTC for example)

  2. Enter amount that you want to give away

  3. Select period of distribution. It’s allow user to receive coins only once (one user = one received prize) or period (for example: set 1440 minutes if you want to give away coins once in 24h)

  4. Set prize amount. It’s set amount of how much coin will be received by user every time when he press the button.

  5. Take a look at your distribution.

  1. When everything is ready - go next, enter your 2fa code (by email or by app) and it’s Done - you successfully create your free coin distribution.

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