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How to Instant Transfer?

Instant Transfer

Instant transfer lets you send fund to another user by their email. (pic 1)(pic 1)

1-Choose your currency, you can simply click and write the coin's name. (pic 2)

(pic 2)

2 - Enter the amount you want to Transfer.
You will see the minimum sum you need for the transfer. (pic 3)
(pic 3)

3 - Enter the email of the user which you would like to transfer funds. (pin 4)
(pic 4)

4 - Pass the Captcha
Click on I am not Robot CheckBox (pic 5)
(pic 5)

5 - You will receive receive an email showing the PIN.
Use the newest PIN that you received.
Use PIN from Google Authenticator (pic 6)
(pic 6)

6 - Congratulations (pic 7)
(pic 7)

Check the below video for Instant Transfer

Continue the reference instructions below!

Click for How to Crypto Withdrawal

Click for How to Fiat Withdrawal 

Check out how to do Internal Transfer 

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How to Instant Transfer?
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