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How to Replenish/Deposit account

  1. In order to replenish balance you need to go to the “funds” tab on the main page https://exrates.me/dashboard and after in popped off window need to click “Balances”.

  2. On this page there are several functions available:

    1. “Search” here user can look for the certain coins

    2. ”Crypto balances” amount of coins/tokens which available for this moment.

    3. “Fiat balances” amount of funds on user’s balance.

    4. “Pending requests” showing all user’s pending withdrawal and replenishment requests.

    5. Refill balance” by clicking this tab user will be able to make a deposit in appropriate menu.

    6. “Send money” by clicking this tab user will be able to make a withdrawal in appropriate menu.

      Also there are several additional functions for each coin:

      1. Deposit. Opens menu for replenishment of current balance

      2. Inner transfer. Transfer inside of the platform to another user

      3. Trade. Opens trade pairs of chosen coin/token

      4. Withdrawal. Withdrawing funds to your personal wallet

  3. Menu "Refill Balance"
    There are 3 options in this menu:
    • Crypto deposit
    • Fiat deposit
    • Get inner transfer
      1. After by clicking appropriate button you need to choose from popped off list which coin or fiat you want to replenish. 
      2. After choosing coin system will generate address to which one you need send your coins.

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How to Replenish/Deposit account
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