How to refill the balance?

In order to refill the account balance click on the button "Deposit / Withdraw"  in the main menu at In the "Currency" section, select the currency you wish to add to your account from the list. Click on the button "Refill". You will see the address of the wallet to which you can transfer the coins. This way you can refill any available accounts. 

The difference between the transfer and withdrawal of funds.

The transfer of funds is carried out to another user within the exchange, the funds are withdrawn to an external wallet or to another exchange.

How to create/cancel withdrawal request?

If you want to find the information about withdrawal requests, go to the History tab, and then click on the Input / Output tab. You can cancel withdrawal requests as you want.

Why can't I withdraw funds? The minimum amount of deposit / withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount is $20 (in dollar equivalent at the current rate). Please, remember that you can create no more than 2 requests for withdrawal of one currency per one day.

What is a "Funds transfer"? Types of transfer

Transfer of funds means sending funds to another user inside the exchange.
There are 3 types of transfer inside the exchange: 

  • Instant transfer (instant transfer within the exchange by email or user nickname), 
  • Protected by code & email Transfer (personal transfer is password protected to another user by his email or nickname, the user can receive money only if he knows the transfer code) , 
  • Protected by code only Transfer (Anyone who knows the transfer code can get it)

Can I transfer funds between my accounts?

Yes, you can transfer funds between accounts that you own on the stock exchange using one of three types of transfers, but you should remember that there is a transaction fee.

When I will get a deposit?

The time of getting a deposit depends on the number of required confirmations in the blockchain network. They are will be automatically transferred to your account once they are all confirmed. 

The maximum processing time for withdrawal requests is 48 hours from the time the request is created, but it usually takes no more than 12 hours.

The deposit could not be credited to the balance for 3 reasons:
1. Your transaction does not yet have the required number of confirmations to be credited to the account.
2. You did not specify the necessary initializing data (Massage / MEMO-ID / Tag)
3. Transaction is confirmed in the Blockchain system, but the funds are not automatically credited to the account.

Where can I see the history of my operations?

To view the history of your transactions, click on the “Funds” button on the main panel then go to the “Transaction history” tab where you can see all your completed / pending transactions in the drop-down menu

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