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(LHT) The Lighthouse Blockchain. Withdrawal

The Lighthouse Blockchain prohibits direct transfers of LHT and USDX between accounts on different exchanges.

There are several reasons for this restriction:

- Conflicts of specifications at various exchanges. For example, users can't provide a transaction memo when making a withdrawal from some exchanges, so the destination exchange would not be able to identify his/her account name.

- The difficulties that occur when transactions are rejected. When a user transfers tokens directly from one exchange to another, the destination exchange can reject the transaction due to a typo in memo or some internal processing error. Resolving this problem, in general, requires to involve support teams of both exchanges. Moreover, if the destination exchange automatically returns the failed transaction, the user's funds land back on the source exchange's account, and probably without the initial memo. This situation leads to a total mess because it's very hard to identify the user's account at the destination exchange.

That's why this feature was disabled. However, the user can easily withdraw funds to his account in the USDX Wallet app and then send them to whatever exchange he/she wants.



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(LHT) The Lighthouse Blockchain. Withdrawal
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