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Exrates Add Vollar Coin!

Dear users, 

Vollar token is listed on Exrates!

V-Dimension constructs a fully decentralized ecology of finance and commerce – the Noncentralized Consensus Society Full Ecology Future Currency Network.

The platform will provide users with fully anonymous transactions, Secret Chat, the Vollar/BTC dual wallet that allows conveniently use the same private key to store and manage both currencies, Resonance Trade, a global, decentralized exchange Distributed OTC Trade, network owned and operated by the users themselves, as well as the Network wide Information Broadcast (VAD).

Ultimately, Vollar will become a private communication network that is open for the whole world to use. It supports the development of an independent web browser where every VID address can serve as an anonymous IP Address.

Website – http://vdsvvvxxmxpssszd.onion/

Whitepaper –  https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmam1EjeFhrMroA4zjDBECmHfBymxGZJU4TeqcqBUbubBp 

Bonus Vollar Pickup Address: VcaruiDcAibKC1kfgHhEn9cELMmjL4SJrV6

Trading pairs:




Have a good trading!

Exrates Team

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Exrates Add Vollar Coin!
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