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Profile Settings

Profile settings. User can get into the “Settings” menu by clicking profile badge on the left top of the main page.

 After clicking it user has to choose “settings” sub-item. There are several options:

  1. 2FA Authentication
  2. Password. User can change current password
  3. Session time. User can change session time from 5 minutes up to 120 minutes.
  4. Identity verification. Account verification. Documents upload.

1. 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
Here you can activate Google Authenticator for 2FA

2. Password
This setting lets you change your current password. 

3. Session Time
You can adjust your session time in this setting.
Use the slider and adjust the time you want, after you choose the time click Save.

4. Identity Verification
This setting is to verify your account.  User Verification ID Document button to start the process.
Your Public ID is stored here too. 

5. API Keys

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